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Extracellular invertase mediates phloem unloading via an apoplastic pathway. The gene encoding isoenzyme Nin88 from tobacco was cloned and shown to be characterized by a specific spatial and temporal expression pattern. Tissue-specific antisense repression of Nin88 under control of the corresponding promoter in tobacco results in a block during early stages(More)
Cytokinin deficiency causes pleiotropic developmental changes such as reduced shoot and increased root growth. It was investigated whether cytokinin-deficient tobacco plants, which overproduce different cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase enzymes, show changes in different sink and source parameters, which could be causally related to the establishment of the(More)
We report on experiments in which a spin-polarized current is injected from a GaMnAs ferromagnetic electrode into a GaAs layer through an AlAs barrier. The resulting spin polarization in GaAs is detected by measuring how the tunneling current, to a second GaMnAs ferromagnetic electrode, depends on the orientation of its magnetization. Our results can be(More)
Lentil root statocytes show a strict structural polarity of their organelles with respect to the g vector. These cells are involved in the perception of gravity and are responsible for the orientation of the root. Actin filaments take part in the positioning of their organelles and could also be involved in the transduction of the gravitropic signal. A(More)
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