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The prevention of unpleasant boar taint is the main reason for castration of male piglets. For animal welfare reasons, castration is announced to be banned in the European Community. This study aimed to investigate whether androstenone, skatole and indole in backfat of boars may be reduced by different scalding technologies. To discriminate ante and post(More)
The incisive papilla provides a reference point on the edentulous cast that may be helpful in determining the anteroposterior position of the artificial incisors. The results of the study suggest that the labial surface of the maxillary incisors should be 12 to 13 mm from the posterior border of the incisive papilla. This measurement was significantly(More)
Autoimmune hepatitis is characterized by unresolving inflammation and fibrosis of the liver, which untreated may lead to cirrhosis. The pathogenesis remains unclear and reflects a complex interaction between autoantigens, genetic predisposition, triggering factors and immune regulation. In rare cases, acute hepatitis A has been suspected as a triggering(More)
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