Anne Goarant

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Knowledge of the pelagic vertical distribution of fish eggs is central for several aspects of fisheries science including fisheries recruitment and egg production studies. In modelling egg vertical distributions, variation in fish egg density is an important issue. Though variation in egg density between individual eggs has been reported, evidence for(More)
Agricultural intensification in western Europe has caused a dramatic loss of grassland surfaces in farmlands, which have resulted in strong declines in grassland invertebrates, leading to cascade effects at higher trophic levels among consumers of invertebrates. Grasshoppers are important components of grassland invertebrate assemblages in European(More)
This paper investigates the potential of active ultrasound jellyfish monitoring systems to continuously detect, quantify and identify different species in turbulent underwater environments. The experimentations carried out in December 2015 at the Aquarium de Paris, France, are used to propose an unified acoustic signal processing framework for visualizing(More)
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