Anne Gent

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To test the hypothesis that Crohn's disease is caused by delayed exposure to enteric infections, we did a case-control study. We compared 133 patients who have Crohn's disease and 231 with ulcerative colitis who have controls selected from the general population and matched for age and sex. Crohn's disease was more common in subjects whose first houses had(More)
The rectal mucosa-associated flora (MAF) of patients with ulcerative colitis has been studied in 25 patients with newly diagnosed disease, 20 with relapse of existing disease, and 44 who were in remission. Patients with active disease were re-examined twice during treatment. The MAF was simpler and less dense than the microflora of faeces. Obligate(More)
OBJECTIVES Recent epidemiological studies suggest that mortality rates for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are similar to those of the general population. However, most of this work has been done in referred populations or larger urban centers. We intended to estimate mortality rates for ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD) in three British(More)
Microbial pathogens were sought in faeces of patients with active ulcerative colitis and again after 3 months treatment. 64 patients were examined during their first episode of ulcerative colitis and 30 with relapse of chronic disease. At presentation, bacterial pathogens were not found; 1 patient had cryptosporidiosis. In 10 patients treatment appeared to(More)
The adherent properties and hydrophobicity of Escherichia coli isolates have been compared from the rectal mucosa of patients with active and inactive ulcerative colitis and from a control patient group. Patients with active colitis were colonised less frequently and with lower numbers of E coli than were control patients. Mannose resistant adhesion to(More)
AIM To study the influence of sulphasalazine treatment on the mucosa-associated bacterial flora of rectal biopsy tissue specimens in patients with ulcerative colitis. PATIENTS Twenty-four patients had newly diagnosed active ulcerative colitis; 20 patients had acute relapse of ulcerative colitis (10 not taking maintenance sulphasalazine); (40 patients had(More)