Anne Garcia-Fernandez

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This paper presents the systems we developed while participating in the first task (English Lexical Simplification) of SemEval 2012. Our first system relies on n-grams frequencies computed from the Simple English Wikipedia version, ranking each substitution term by decreasing frequency of use. We experimented with several other systems, based on term(More)
Automatically determining the publication date of a document is a complex task, since a document may contain only few intra-textual hints about its publication date. Yet, it has many important applications. Indeed, the amount of digitized historical documents is constantly increasing, but their publication dates are not always properly identified via OCR(More)
This paper presents a new corpus of human answers in natural language. The answers were collected in order to build a base of examples useful when generating natural language answers. We present the corpus and the approach we used for its acquisition. Answers correspond to questions with fixed linguistic form, focus, and topic. Answers to a given question(More)
The work presented in this article takes place in the field of opinion mining and aims more particularly at finding the polarity of a text by relying on machine learning methods. In this context, it focuses on studying various strategies for adapting a statistical classifier to a new domain when training data only exist for one or several other domains.(More)
RÉSUMÉ La simplification lexicale consiste à remplacer des mots ou des phrases par leur équivalent plus simple. Dans cet article, nous présentons trois modèles de simplification lexicale, fondés sur différents critères qui font qu'un mot est plus simple à lire et à comprendre qu'un autre. Nous avons testé différentes tailles de contextes autour du mot(More)
In this work, we focus on [(CH3)2NH2]PbI3, a member of the [AmineH]PbI3 series of hybrid organic-inorganic compounds, reporting a very easy mechanosynthesis route for its preparation at room temperature. We report that this [(CH3)2NH2]PbI3 compound with 2H-perovskite structure experiences a first-order transition at ≈250 K from hexagonal symmetry P63/mmc(More)
Cet article présente l'étude d'un corpus de réponses formulées par des humains à des questions factuelles. Des observations qualitatives et quantitatives sur la reprise d'éléments de la question dans les réponses sont exposées. La notion d'information-réponse est introduite et une étude de la présence de cet élément dans le corpus est proposée. Enfin, les(More)
In this paper , we present the digitization and annotation of a tales corpus-which is to our knowledge the only French tales corpus available and classified according to the Aarne&Thompson classification-composed of historical texts (with old French parts). We first studied whether the pre-processing tools , namely OCR and PoS-tagging , have good enough(More)
This paper deals with the contextual analysis of the vocalic hesitation euh in French in a corpus of human elicited answers. Through the analysis of the contextual combinatorial patterns, the new information introductory role of this vocalic hesitation is investigated. Observations supports trends noticed in other languages and suggest potential(More)
RÉSUMÉ Le travail présenté dans cet article se situe dans le contexte de la fouille d'opinion et se focalise sur la détermination de la polarité d'un texte en adoptant une approche par apprentissage. Dans ce cadre, son objet est d'étudier différentes stratégies d'adaptation à un nouveau domaine dans le cas de figure fréquent où des données d'entraînement(More)