Anne Frølich

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The use of pay for performance (P4P) and public reporting of performance (PR) in health care is increasing rapidly worldwide. The rationale for P4P and PR comes from experience in other industries and from theories about incentive use from psychology, economics, and organizational behavior. This paper reviews the major themes from this prior research and(More)
BACKGROUND Self-management support is a key component of effective chronic care management, yet in practice appears to be the least implemented and most challenging. This study explores whether and how self-management support is integrated into chronic care approaches in 13 European countries. In addition, it investigates the level of and barriers to(More)
BACKGROUND Assessing the quality of health care has become increasingly important in health care in response to growing demands from purchasers, providers, clinicians and the public. Given the increase in projects and programs to assess performance in health care in the last 15 years, the purpose of this paper is to review current indicator projects for(More)
INTRODUCTION The growing movement of innovative approaches to chronic disease management in Europe has not been matched by a corresponding effort to evaluate them. This paper discusses challenges to evaluation of chronic disease management as reported by experts in six European countries. METHODS We conducted 42 semi-structured interviews with key(More)
In the present study an assay reactive with the intact PTH molecule supposed to be the biological active has been used for measurements in 10 normal pregnant women during the late pregnancy and post-partum. Simultaneously serum concentrations of ionized calcium, phosphate, magnesium and albumin were determined. Serum concentrations of intact PTH were low(More)
An attempt was made to explain the bone-preserving effect of estrogen by analysis of estrogen receptors (OER) in the calcitonin-producing C-cells of the human thyroid gland. Thyroid tissue from twenty patients with benign hyperthyroidism and three patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma was used. The C-cells were identified immunohistochemically using a(More)
BACKGROUND As many other European healthcare systems the Danish healthcare system (DHS) has targeted chronic condition care in its reform efforts. Benchmarking is a valuable tool to identify areas for improvement. Prior work indicates that chronic care coordination is poor in the DHS, especially in comparison with care in Kaiser Permanente (KP), an(More)
BACKGROUND Integration of medical care across clinicians and settings could enhance the quality of care for patients. To date, there is limited data on the levels of integration in practice. Our objective was to compare primary care clinicians' perceptions of clinical integration and three sub-aspects in two healthcare systems: Kaiser Permanente, Northern(More)
INTRODUCTION Quality of care provided to people with chronic conditions does not often fulfil standards of care in Denmark and in other countries. Inadequate organisation of healthcare systems has been identified as one of the most important causes for observed performance inadequacies, and providing integrated healthcare has been identified as an important(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the past decade a number of studies on the incidence and preventability of adverse events in the health care have been published in the US, Australia and the UK. So far no similar study has been performed in Denmark. In order to determine whether foreign findings could be generalised to Danish health care, a pilot study on adverse events(More)