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We studied the replication of Herpesvirus saimiri(HVS), strain 11, in human cells as part of an effort to assess the risk of humans to this transforming herpesvirus. Earlier studies on the replication of HVS in human cells were carried out before the development of immunofluorescent and biochemical techniques which would have been useful in characterizing(More)
As the healthcare environment changes, systems that have served hospitals well for many years no longer meet the current needs of patients, families, and communities. This is particularly true with regard to health education. The authors describe an innovative learning center that offers comprehensive health education services and programs designed to(More)
BACKGROUND Retained surgical instruments (RSI) are one of the most serious preventable complications in operating room settings, potentially leading to profound adverse effects for patients, as well as costly legal and financial consequences for hospitals. Safety measures to eliminate RSIs have been widely adopted in the United States and abroad, but(More)
A patient safety plan dashboard was developed that captures disparate data from the electronic health record that is then displayed as a personalized bedside screensaver. The dashboard aligns all care team members, including patients and families, in the safety plan. The screensaver content includes icons that pertain to common geriatric syndromes. In two(More)
Despite the potential advantages, implementation of mobile devices and ongoing management pose challenges in the hospital environment. Our team implemented the PROSPECT (Promoting Respect and Ongoing Safety through Patient-centeredness, Engagement, Communication and Technology) project at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The goal of PROSPECT is to transform(More)
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