Anne F Davison

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Smads transmit signals from transmembrane ser/thr kinase receptors to the nucleus. We now identify SARA (for Smad anchor for receptor activation), a FYVE domain protein that interacts directly with Smad2 and Smad3. SARA functions to recruit Smad2 to the TGFbeta receptor by controlling the subcellular localization of Smad2 and by interacting with the TGFbeta(More)
BACKGROUND Although mechanical circulatory support might not increase the number of adults surviving to transplantation, because of the shortage of donor organs, the situation might be different for children. Our aim was to assess the effect of mechanical assist devices to bridge children with end-stage cardiomyopathy to heart transplantation. METHODS A(More)
A 6 year old girl suffered rectal prolapse after being sucked onto a swimming pool drain from which the cover had been removed. After six days in hospital she made a full recovery. The severe form of this injury may result in evisceration of small bowel, short bowel syndrome, and the need for long term parenteral nutrition. A survey of travel agents(More)
Studies in animals have determined the importance of specific receptors to the action of many hormones and drugs. In man, a non-invasive external counting technique has been used and absence of receptor function has been demonstrated in a patient with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus using radioactively labelled arginine vasopressin. This is in contrast to(More)
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