Anne-Elodie Monin

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In this paper, identifying quadratic system (QS) is considered. In fact, it appears that many important nonlinear multivariable processes in engineering can be modeled by this structure. To solve this identification problem, we propose a method based on a local parameterization and a gradient search. The local parameterization is orthonormal to the tangent(More)
In this paper, we present a recursive method for the optimization of humanoid robot motions. The method is based on an efficient dynamics algorithm, which allows the calculation of the gradient function with respect to the control parameters analytically. The algorithm makes use of the theory of Lie groups and Lie algebra. The main objective of this method(More)
The identification of the quadratic in-the-state systems (QSS) is the objective of this paper. This class, on its own, enjoys a useful model for many nonlinear dynamic systems. Moreover, it represents a bilinear system in a feedback loop. In order to identify QSS, we propose to minimize the output error with respect to the system's parameters using a local(More)
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