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The aim of our research is to develop a method for "requirements exploration"--gathering, structuring and describing requirements for information systems in previously weakly understood areas. In health care, information systems are usually developed for a single organization, or for information flow from one organization to another. In our case domain,(More)
In this paper, we extend our previous work for defining interoperability for health information systems into proposed documentation levels for specifying integration, and a model for defining various interoperability aspects in collaboration between integrators, health service providers and system providers. We are using these models in defining solutions(More)
A strategy and toolset (FixIT) for migrating a specific type of legacy systems--based on the FileMan DBMS of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs--to a two-tier client/server and web browser-based architecture was presented in MEDINFO'98. In the current paper we discuss the further migration to a multitier software component architecture. A literature(More)
In this paper we describe the conformance testing model of the open interfaces developed and applied in the PlugIT project in Finland during 2003-2004. Conformance testing is needed to integrate different software products without a vast amount of extra adaptation work, and to improve software inter-operability. The model has been developed and evaluated(More)