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A strategy and toolset (FixIT) for migrating a specific type of legacy systems--based on the FileMan DBMS of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs--to a two-tier client/server and web browser-based architecture was presented in MEDINFO'98. In the current paper we discuss the further migration to a multitier software component architecture. A literature(More)
In this paper we describe the conformance testing model of the open interfaces developed and applied in the PlugIT project in Finland during 2003-2004. Conformance testing is needed to integrate different software products without a vast amount of extra adaptation work, and to improve software inter-operability. The model has been developed and evaluated(More)
The paper presents a methodology for the structure deenition of the electronic patient record. A patient record is typically a document which is updated by many users, required to be done in many diierent layouts, transferred from one place to another and archived for a long time. For these reasons, it is a very good candidate to be processed as a(More)
Since a patient record is typically a document updated by many users, required to be represented in many different layouts, and transferred from place to place, it is a good candidate to be represented structured and coded using the SGML document standard. The use of the SGML requires that the structure of the document is defined in advance by a Document(More)