Anne E. Harris

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An active 80-year-old woman without a history of peptic ulcer disease, recent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use, or smoking developed severe, symptomatic epigastric pain initially diagnosed as nonulcer dyspepsia secondary to esophagitis. Initial treatment consisted of 12 weeks of full-dose H2-receptor antagonist therapy. During this therapy the(More)
Two cases of cervical thorotrast granulomas (thorotrastomas) were evaluated with computed tomography. Computed tomography provided delineation of the precise extent of disease and the relationships of the larynx and carotid vessels to the thorotrastoma. This was helpful in planning surgical management. Computed tomography is of use in determining the extent(More)
In clinical practice, the addition of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) into a standard anesthesia circle circuit decreases the delivered tidal volume (DTV) to a patient. We studied the magnitude of the ΔDTV/ΔPEEP relationship in two commonly used anesthesia systems. In addition, the magnitude of the ΔDTV/ΔPEEP relationship varies with both pulmonary(More)
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