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Ecologists have long been intrigued by the ways co-occurring species divide limiting resources. Such resource partitioning, or niche differentiation, may promote species diversity by reducing competition. Although resource partitioning is an important determinant of species diversity and composition in animal communities, its importance in structuring plant(More)
Based on noninvasive eddy correlation measurements at a marine and a freshwater site, this study documents the control that current flow and light have on sediment–water oxygen fluxes in permeable sediments. The marine sediment was exposed to tidal-driven current and light, and the oxygen flux varied from night to day between 229 and 78 mmol m 22 d 21. A(More)
Dynamic transformations of iron occur seasonally at Great Sippewissett Marsh, Massachusetts. Small changes in the dissolved iron concentration in porewater represent only a small fraction of the iron involved in transformation reactions during the year. During the growing season, salt marsh grasses oxidize the sediment, and a large percentage of sedimentary(More)
We examined controls of benthic dinitrogen (N2) fixation and primary production in oligotrophic lakes in Arctic Alaska, Toolik Field Station (Arctic Long-Term Ecological Research Site). Primary production in many oligotrophic lakes is limited by nitrogen (N), and benthic processes are important for whole-lake function. Oligotrophic lakes are increasingly(More)