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Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have become common in public transit systems, particularly providing real-time transit information. For new implementations , it remains difficult to predict and quantify system and user benefits of technology implementation. Although previous studies have quantified the operational benefits of real-time transit(More)
Many frameworks exist to help transit agencies plan, operate, and monitor the performance of transit in rural and urban communities. No framework integrates these three critical business practices into one coherent and flexible framework useful to rural and small-sized cities. The primary objective of this research was to integrate planning, operations, and(More)
While parking is an important issue in transportation engineering and planning, little research has examined the use of new parking information technologies on rural communities. The 3 researchers have used Clemson University campus, in South Carolina, as a case study to determine the ability of roadside parking information systems for reducing delay,(More)
introduction Sustainability in all aspects of our daily lives is increasingly important in today's society, especially with respect to transportation. One way of achieving sustainability is to incorporate a multimodal perspective into the planning, operations, and performance measurement of the system. The primary objective of this research was to integrate(More)
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