Anne Dillenschneider

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this randomized double-blind study was to compare the efficacy and safety of propacetamol 2 g (an i.v. acetaminophen 1 g formulation) administered as a 2-min bolus injection (n=50) or a 15-min infusion (n=50) with oral acetaminophen 1 g (n=50) or placebo (n=25) for analgesia after third molar surgery in patients with moderate to(More)
It is becoming clear to clinicians that functional prognosis is the issue that should be guiding their choice of therapeutic strategy offered to people with schizophrenic disorders. An individual's degree of social autonomy is one of the principal factors determining functional prognosis, and it has become essential to identify the variables that influence(More)
BACKGROUND Some residual symptoms were found to be associated with impaired functioning in euthymic bipolar patients, but their impact and relevance are unclear in clinical practice. We re-examined the functional influence of a large set of residual symptoms in 525 euthymic bipolar outpatients using self- and clinician-rated questionnaires (OPTHYMUM study).(More)
Euthymic bipolar patients are often impacted by residual symptoms (RSs) that increase the risk of relapse or low functioning. We aimed to identify the perceptions of RSs, barriers to management, and service needs in euthymic bipolar patients. A qualitative methodology (focus group) was used. The interviews were investigated using a semistructured guide,(More)
TEMPPO is an observational, cross-sectional and multicentre study, initiated in the French metropolitan territory in 2009. Set up from a random sample of 135 psychiatrists, it has observed the procedures for therapeutic management of a population (n=619) of their outpatients (respectively 197 and 422 in public and private practice) with bipolar disorder(More)
AIM One of the aims of the TEMPPO study was to describe the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of a cohort of adult outpatients with type I or type II bipolar disorders (as defined by DSM-IV criteria) in France. METHODS TEMPPO is a multicenter, cross-sectional, non-interventional study conducted in France between November 2008 and May 2009,(More)
OBJECTIVES A double blind, randomized, multicenter, parallel group study was carried out to compare the efficacy and tolerance of aspirin 900 mg-metoclopramide 10 mg effervescent association (AAM) with those of placebo in the treatment of acute migraine attack. All patients were selected according to the International Headache Society criteria. METHODS A(More)
INTRODUCTION Schizophrenic patients have increased cardiovascular risk factors and morbi-mortality as compared with the general population. OBJECTIVE To assess the level of French psychiatrists vigilance regarding cardiovascular risk factors in schizophrenic patients. METHODS Prospective, transverse, multicentric observational study implemented in(More)
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