Anne-Deborah Bouhnik

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OBJECTIVE We investigated factors associated with unprotected sex in regular partnerships among homosexual men living with HIV. METHOD We used data from a French national representative sample of(More)
We analysed sexual difficulties in a nationally representative sample of HIV-infected outpatients in France. Analyses were restricted to the 1,812 HIV-treated participants who reported at least one(More)
French national guidelines for the management of HIV non-occupational post-exposure (nPEP) were issued in 1998 and updated in 2003. NPEP is available and free of charge in all emergency or AIDS care(More)
OBJECTIVE Risky sexual behaviour remains frequent among people living with HIV. We analysed factors associated with unsafe sex within serodiscordant couples among heterosexual individuals living with(More)
INTRODUCTION Today, a growing need exists for greater research into cancer survivorship, focusing on different spheres of the day-to-day life of diagnosed patients. This article describes the design(More)