Anne De Monte

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A linkage and association analysis was made on 14 Italian families with recurrent migraine. We analyzed five chromosomal regions surrounding the candidate genes 5HT1D (1p36.3-34.3), 5HT1B (6q13), 5HT2A (13q14-21), 5HT transporter (17q11.2-12), CACNLB1 (17q11.2-22) and FHM (19p13), using 29 DNA polymorphic markers. All two-point lod scores were negative, and(More)
Ten patients with primary autonomic failure, followed up in a prospective clinical and laboratory study, were finally diagnosed as pure autonomic failure or multiple system atrophy with autonomic failure. Polysomnographic studies were performed in all patients. Whereas all four patients with multiple system atrophy complained of sleep related episodes(More)
Several subsets of dendritic cells (DCs) are present in the oropharyngeal tonsillar tissues and are thought to behave as major actors in development and regulation of immunity by acting as a first line of recognition for airborne and alimentary antigens. We previously discovered in human adult tonsils infected with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a subset of DCs(More)
The surgical correction of spinal deformities carries a small but significant risk of injury to the spinal cord. To detect the onset and possibly reverse the effects of surgical complication, a variety of neurophysiological monitoring procedures can be employed. The purpose of this review is to provide information regarding the various methodologies(More)
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