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Lactobacillus endocarditis is a rare infection. In fact, only 42 cases have been described in the literature from 1938 up to date. In only 17 previously reported cases have patients been cured with medical therapy alone. Although infections produced by Lactobacillus spp, have been described in our country, none of them included endocarditis. We report(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the compliance with tuberculostatic drugs treatment in a public hospital from Córdoba City and to establish the causes of noncompliance. All the patients to which treatment with tuberculostatic drugs was indicated from January 1991 up to December 1994 were included. 45 patients were included: 18 females (40%) and 29(More)
The 4.7 Kb EcoRI-fragment of phase I B. pertussis 475 (serovar 1.2.3) chromosome DNA carrying the pertussis toxin (PT) operon was cloned on vector plasmid pUC19 in Escherichia coli. Three fragments (1.14 Kb KpnI-PstI, 1.27 Kb PstI-PstI, and 0.96 Kb PstI-PstI) were obtained from the resulting hybrid plasmid, coded pRH119, by electrophoretic techniques and(More)
The X chromosomes of the male pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) is larger than the "original" type and carries a large segment of late-labelling chromatin. The Y chromosome has a late-labelling segment that appears to duplicate synchronously with that of the X. Both chromosomes have segments that label throughout the period of observation; that the X is(More)
The library of Leptospira pomona genes was obtained on phage vector AL 47.1. From this library a recombinant phage carrying the hemolysin gene was selected. The DNA fragment (7.7 kb) of this phage containing the hemolysin gene was subcloned on plasmid pUC19. E. coli clones with hybrid plasmid pDR7 were shown to be hemolytic, but the secretion of hemolysin(More)
The hybrid plasmid pRH119 was constructed on the basis of vector plasmid pUC19 and shown to carry Bordetella pertussis PT operon in the same transcriptional orientation with the lac-promoter of the vector plasmid. Expression of PT genes in E. coli cells harbouring pRH119 was not registered. Weak expression of PT genes was found by immunoscreening of(More)