Anne Cuzol

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In this paper we propose a new motion estimator for image sequences depicting fluid flows. The proposed estimator is based on the Helmholtz decomposition of vector fields. This decomposition consists in representing the velocity field as a sum of a divergence free component and a vorticity free component. The objective is to provide a low-dimensional(More)
This paper presents a novel non-rigid registration method. The main contribution of the method is the modeling of the vorticity (respectively divergence) of the deformation field using vortex (respectively sink and source) particles. Two parameters are associated with a particle: the vorticity (or divergence) strength and the influence domain. This leads to(More)
In this paper, we present a method for the temporal tracking of fluid flow velocity fields. The technique we propose is formalized within a sequential Bayesian filtering framework. The filtering model combines an Itô diffusion process coming from a stochastic formulation of the vorticity-velocity form of the Navier-Stokes equation and discrete measurements(More)
Using motion capture data has nowadays utterly been adopted by video game creators or virtual reality applications. In a context of interactive applications, adapting those data to new situations or producing variants of those motions are known as non trivial tasks. We propose an original method that produces motions that preserve the statistical properties(More)
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