Anne-Claude Juillerat Van der Linden

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We have investigated the use of a conically-shaped cement plug made of Polyactive (PA), a biodegradable copolymer. The flexibility and hydrogel properties were thought to facilitate occlusion of the femoral canal even when it was oval or irregular in shape. The function of the plug was first compared with that of the Thackray polyethylene model in 16(More)
Rat patellae were preincubated with culture medium M199 for one hour and then with either fresh culture medium or Ringer's solution, Ringer lactate, Ringer glucose, normal saline or Betadine for another hour. The rate of proteoglycan synthesis in the articular cartilage was then measured by uptake of 35SO4 for the next 16 hours. Cartilage metabolism was(More)
A population based survey on the prevalence of major blinding disorders was conducted in the Wenchi district in central Ghana between March and May 1991. In 10 villages, 1425 people of 30 years and older were screened, using the WHO eye examination record. The prevalence of bilateral blindness above 30 years proved to be 1.7% (best acuity < 3/60): the(More)
Twenty-five patients with 30 chondral lesions of the knee were treated with an autogenous strip of costal perichondrium. The graft was fixed to the subchondral bone with Tissucol (Immuno, Vienna), a human fibrin glue. The leg was then immobilised for two weeks followed by two weeks of continuous passive motion. Weight-bearing was permitted after three(More)
We performed a prospective, randomised trial on 106 patients to compare the effects of local corticosteroid injections with physiotherapy as advocated by Cyriax in the treatment of tennis elbow. The main outcome measures were the severity of pain, pain provoked by resisted dorsiflexion of the wrist, and patient satisfaction. At six weeks 22 of 53 patients(More)
A xenograft of costal rabbit perichondrium was transplanted to an articular cartilage defect in a sheep knee. After 12 weeks, cartilage was formed with increased calcification of the basal layer and a mean of 74 percent collagen type II. The synovium did not show any infiltration, indicating the absence of any immunologic reaction.
The quantity of bone formed in cylinders of a newly developed erodible copolymer, Polyactive (PA60/40) was examined. PA60/40 was implanted in three different bone locations in the rabbit: in the cortex, in bone marrow and in trabecular subchondral bone. Bony ingrowth was assessed after 4, 8, 26 and 52 w after the operation and investigated by histology and(More)
The usefulness of adult human perichondrium for the restoration of articular cartilage defects depends on the potential to form hyalin cartilage. In order to evaluate the capacity of adult human perichondrium to form hyalin cartilage in vitro, perichondrium of the rib of eight adult human beings was cultured in vitro. After removal of residual cartilage,(More)
The usefulness of thionin for staining cartilage sections embedded in glycol methacrylate (GMA) and the effect of decalcification on cartilage sections embedded in paraffin and GMA were assessed. Short decalcification periods using 5% formic acid or 10% EDTA did not influence the staining properties or the morphology of cartilage matrix and chondrocytes.(More)