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Inferring the structure of gene regulatory networks (GRN) from a collection of gene expression data has many potential applications, from the elucidation of complex biological processes to the identification of potential drug targets. It is however a notoriously difficult problem, for which the many existing methods reach limited accuracy. In this paper, we(More)
Biomarker discovery from high-dimensional data is a crucial problem with enormous applications in biology and medicine. It is also extremely challenging from a statistical viewpoint, but surprisingly few studies have investigated the relative strengths and weaknesses of the plethora of existing feature selection methods. In this study we compare 32 feature(More)
Motivation Molecular signatures for diagnosis or prognosis estimated from large-scale gene expression data often lack robustness and stability, rendering their biological interpretation challenging. Increasing the signature's interpretability and stability across perturbations of a given dataset and, if possible, across datasets, is urgently needed to ease(More)
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