Anne Claire Gossart Dupont

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PURPOSE We investigated the feasibility of using real-time sonography to measure muscle thickness. Clinically, this technique would be used to measure the thickness of human muscles in which intramuscular microstimulators have been implanted to treat or prevent disuse atrophy. METHODS Porcine muscles were implanted with microstimulators and imaged with(More)
Several dithiane derivatives, prepared as intermediates for compounds structurally related to the therapeutically useful antimuscarinic agent oxybutynin, were effective inhibitors of calcium ion induced contraction of guinea pig ileal strips and of KCl-induced calcium entry into neuronal cells. Although the first member of this series,(More)
BACKGROUND Most epidemiological studies on gastric lymphomas (GL) were carried out before changes in therapy were introduced. The aim of the study was to measure the incidence of GL and to estimate survival. MATERIAL AND METHODS Data were provided by the Association of the French Cancer Registries database. Age-standardized incidence rates were calculated(More)
BIONsTM are individually addressable, single channel electrical stimulators that can be injected into one or more muscles through a 12-gauge hypodermic needle. They receive power and command signals from an externally worn RF transmission coil. Two clinical trials are underway to determine their safety and efficacy for strengthening atrophic muscles(More)
In a study aimed toward developing new, selective antimuscarinic drugs with potential utility in the treatment of urinary incontinence associated with bladder muscle instability, a series of N-substituted 5-(aminomethyl)-3,3-diphenyl-2(3H)-furanones, conformationally-constrained lactone relatives of benactyzine, was prepared. The compounds were examined in(More)
Oxybutynin chloride [4-(diethylamino)-2-butynyl alpha-cyclohexyl-alpha-hydroxybenzeneacetate hydrochloride, Ditropan] is widely used for the relief of symptoms in neurogenic bladder. This is a result of its combined anticholinergic, antispasmodic, and local anesthetic activities. In a study directed toward development of agents possessing the beneficial(More)
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