Anne Christin Pieck

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BACKGROUND To overcome the ototoxicity of cisplatin, single bolus infusions were replaced by repeated prolonged infusions of lower doses or by continuous infusions at still lower infusion rates. However, considering ototoxicity little is, in fact, known about the tolerance of repeated prolonged or continuous infusion in children. PROCEDURE Auditory(More)
OBJECTIVE A technique of hyperthermic isolated lung perfusion (ILP) chemotherapy was developed. METHODS Since April 1999, four patients with unilateral (n=2) or bilateral (n=2) sarcoma metastasis confined to a lobe (n=2) or entire lung (n=2) entered into a pilot study of hyperthermic (41 degrees C) ILP with high doses of cisplatin (70 mg/m(2)).(More)
In this study, we investigated the kinetics of oxaliplatin-DNA adduct formation in white blood cells of cancer patients in relation to efficacy as well as oxaliplatin-associated neurotoxicity. Thirty-seven patients with various solid tumours received 130 mg m(-2) oxaliplatin as a 2-h infusion. Oxaliplatin-DNA adduct levels were measured in the first cycle(More)
Residual protein structures were prepared from isolated chromosomes and interphase nuclei of in vitro cultured bovine liver cells and the protein compositions were analysed. Chromosomes with minimal cytoplasmic contamination were obtained by a simple procedure using a pH 8 isolation medium containing Triton X-100 and polyamines, and residual protein-DNA(More)
Oxaliplatin, a novel diaminocyclohexane-platinum complex, is used for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. The amount of DNA-adduct formation of this drug in white blood cells of patients is determined after isolation of the DNA by density gradient centrifugation and a four-step solid phase extraction procedure. DNA is quantified by UV(More)
Nuclei of in vitro cultured bovine liver cells, deprived of the membranes by Triton X-100, were treated with 2 M-NaCl and DNase. Changes in ultrastructure and protein composition were studied at successive steps during treatment. Electron micrographs of nuclei treated with 2 M-NaCl showed a peripheral lamina and an internal system of randomly coiled(More)