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To determine whether occupational exposure to magnetic fields of 50-60 Hz was associated with cancer among electric utility workers, the authors used a case-control design nested within three cohorts of workers at electric utilities: Electricité de France--Gaz de France, 170,000 men; Ontario Hydro, 31,543 men; and Hydro-Québec, 21,749 men. During the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to examine personal and health factors, both at the beginning of the study and thereafter, associated with participation in the GAZEL cohort, set up in 1989 in a large French company. The authors used logistic regression to analyze the associations between participation and data available for both participants (n = 20,093) and(More)
The main aim of this study was the analysis of occupational lung cancer risk factors in the French national electricity and gas company (Electricité de France-Gaz de France (EDF-GDF)). A case-control survey nested in a cohort of male employees was undertaken. The study population consisted of all male staff who were active at EDF-GDF between January 1,(More)
BACKGROUND Many occupational and environmental exposures have been implicated in the etiology of leukemia, but only a few, such as benzene, are well-established leukemogens. The risk of leukemia in a large cohort of gas and electricity utility workers with exposures to several suspected or confirmed carcinogens was investigated. METHODS A case-control(More)
OBJECTIVES A case-control study within a cohort of the workers employed by Electricité de France and Gaz de France between 1988 and 1992 was carried out to investigate relationships between cancers and socioeconomic status, including the effects of social mobility, by studying three professional career points. METHODS All the incident cases of breast(More)
BACKGROUND This study aims to examine diagnosis-specific sickness absence as a risk marker for all-cause mortality. METHODS Prospective occupational cohort (the GAZEL study). Medically certified sickness absence spells >7 days for 15 diagnostic categories, 1990-1992, were examined in relation to all-cause mortality, January 1993-February 2007. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The study sought to determine whether an organized health promotion intervention during medical consultations improves the outcome for patients who meet the ICD10 criteria for anxiety or depressive disorders. METHODS In 2001, physicians used the MINI to screen 9743 employees on sick leave and consulting physicians in 21 medical centres of a(More)
The certified sickness absence of workers in the French National Electric and Gas Company was studied for 12 months and has been described according to the demographic and occupational characteristics of the employees. The results showed that the principal factors affecting absence are sex, job, and salary. The high percentage of absent women was explained(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine whether depression and anxiety are predictive factors for ischaemic heart disease among adults <60 years. Method A case-control study among active employees of the French nationwide power company (Electricité de France-Gaz de France) analysed men aged 31-55 years who presented an initial clinical form of(More)