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Plant stomata function in innate immunity against bacterial invasion and abscisic acid (ABA) has been suggested to regulate this process. Using genetic, biochemical, and pharmacological approaches, we demonstrate that (i) the Arabidopsis thaliana nine-specific-lipoxygenase encoding gene, LOX1, which is expressed in guard cells, is required to trigger(More)
Plastoquinone-9 is known as a photosynthetic electron carrier to which has also been attributed a role in the regulation of gene expression and enzyme activities via its redox state. Here, we show that it acts also as an antioxidant in plant leaves, playing a central photoprotective role. When Arabidopsis plants were suddenly exposed to excess light energy,(More)
The Snf1/AMP-activated kinases are involved in a wide range of stress responses in eukaryotic cells. We discovered a novel role for the Snf1 kinase in the cellular response to genotoxic stress in yeast. snf1 mutants are hypersensitive to hydroxyurea (HU), methyl-methane sulfonate, and cadmium, but they are not sensitive to several other genotoxic agents. HU(More)
Socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes are extensively documented. One of the urgent tasks for medical sociology is now to facilitate the elimination of these disparities. Medical sociologists and public health researchers can pursue this goal by studying successful efforts to increase access to medical care and improve health outcomes among the(More)
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