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Drawing on attachment and caregiving theory and the concept of motivation, the purpose of this descriptive study was to examine parents' retrospective accounts of their prenatal experiences after receiving the diagnosis of a fetal heart defect. These parents constituted a subgroup of participants in a larger longitudinal study of parenting an infant with a(More)
OBJECTIVE Examine factors that mediate parent-infant relationships 12 months after positive newborn screening (NBS). METHODS We examined effects of infant diagnosis, parents' perceptions of child vulnerability and child attachment, parental depression and anxiety on parent-infant feeding interactions for 131 mothers and 118 fathers of 131 infants whose(More)
Advances in medical technology account for increasingly more couples receiving fetal diagnoses of complex congenital heart disease. Theory on internal working models of caregiving during parenting transitions informed this prospective, exploratory study. Data included conjoint interviews and measures of anxiety, trauma, and depression collected from six(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to describe implementation of the Co-Regulated Feeding Intervention (CoReg), when provided by mothers and guided by intervention nurses trained in methods of guided participation (GP). Co-regulated feeding intervention aims to prevent stress during feeding and ease the challenge very preterm (VP) infants experience(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to describe co-parenting communication in couples in the context of caregiving for children prenatally diagnosed and born with complex health conditions. BACKGROUND Foetal diagnosis of complex health conditions such as heart, central nervous system, or abdominal anomalies are confirmed more often than ever before. Following(More)
This study used a retrospective comparison of 2 naturally occurring groups, first to examine how exclusive versus partial breastfeeding relates to duration of breastfeeding and, second, to determine if factors such as age and body mass index are associated with exclusive versus partial breastfeeding duration. These factors were hypothesized to influence the(More)
Nipple shields have become commonplace in the United States for a wide range of breastfeeding problems. This article is a summary of the current literature describing the evidence for nipple shield use. The authors reviewed all available articles on nipple shields and selected 13 studies for inclusion. The studies were organized into three categories:(More)
Using a cross-sectional, grounded dimensional analysis study design, we collected demographic and health information and conducted telephone interviews with 37 expectant parents of 26 fetuses within 25 families. We describe a theoretical model with a core process of preparing heart and mind for becoming a parent following a diagnosis of fetal anomaly. The(More)
This study described co-parenting motivations and quality of co-parenting features for parents of infants with complex congenital heart disease (CCHD), including differences over time by illness severity. Existing transcripts of parenting experience at infant age 1 and 12 months for 23 parent couples were analyzed using directed content analysis. Data were(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine effects of newborn screening and neonatal diagnosis on the quality of mother-infant interactions in the context of feeding. METHODS Study compared the quality of mother-infant feeding interactions among 4 groups of infants classified by severity of newborn screening and diagnostic results: cystic fibrosis (CF), congenital(More)