Anne-Cecilie Pedersen

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Bone development requires the recruitment of osteoclast precursors from surrounding mesenchyme, thereby allowing the key events of bone growth such as marrow cavity formation, capillary invasion, and matrix remodeling. We demonstrate that mice deficient in gelatinase B/matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-9 exhibit a delay in osteoclast recruitment. Histological(More)
Binding of laurate (n-dodecanoate) to genetic variants of albumin or its proprotein and to normal albumin isolated from the same heterozygous carriers was studied by a kinetic dialysis technique at physiological pH. The first stoichiometric association constant for binding to proalbumin Lille (Arg-2-->His) and albumin (Alb) Roma (Glu321-->Lys) was increased(More)
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