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Variable Progress Toward Ecological Speciation in Parapatry: Stickleback Across Eight Lake-Stream Transitions
Divergent selection between contrasting habitats can sometimes drive adaptive divergence and the evolution of reproductive isolation in the face of initially high gene flow. “Progress” along thisExpand
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The influence of grassland management on ground beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera) in Swiss montane meadows
Effects of grassland management type and intensity on carabid species richness, number of individuals and species composition were studied in the Swiss Prealps. Carabids were censused in 2001 andExpand
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Trophic level modulates carabid beetle responses to habitat and landscape structure: a pan‐European study
1. Anthropogenic pressures have produced heterogeneous landscapes expected to influence diversity differently across trophic levels and spatial scales.
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The effects of trampling on assemblages of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in urban forests in Helsinki, Finland
The occurrence of carabid beetles in relation to trampling was examined in urban forest sites located in the city of Helsinki, southern Finland. The degree of wear of the forest floor was assessedExpand
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