Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp

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Inoculation of maize silage with Lactobacillus buchneri (5 x 10(5) c.f.u. g(-1) of maize silage) prior to ensiling results in the formation of aerobically stable silage. After 9 months, lactic acid bacterium counts are approximately 10(10) c.f.u. g(-1) in these treated silages. An important subpopulation (5.9 x 10(7) c.f.u. g(-1)) is able to degrade(More)
The colony-forming microalgae Phaeocystis produces two major pools of carbohydrates: mucopolysaccharides in the colony matrix and intracellular storage glucan. Both have different functions and separate degradation pathways in the ecosystem, so a partial precipitation method was developed to distinguish the dynamics of the two pools. Changes in(More)
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