Anne Campagna

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Orchestration of signaling, photoreceptor structural integrity, and maintenance needed for mammalian vision remain enigmatic. By integrating three proteomic data sets, literature mining, computational analyses, and structural information, we have generated a multiscale signal transduction network linked to the visual G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR)(More)
SUMMARY Protein interaction networks are widely used to depict the relationships between proteins. These networks often lack the information on physical binary interactions, and they do not inform whether there is incompatibility of structure between binding partners. Here, we introduce SAPIN, a framework dedicated to the structural analysis of protein(More)
Determining protein interaction networks and generating models to simulate network changes in time and space are crucial for understanding a biological system and for predicting the effect of mutants found in diseases. In this review we discuss the great potential of using structural information together with computational tools towards reaching this goal:(More)
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