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This study aimed to determine the efficacy and tolerability of adding quetiapine to a serotonin reuptake inhibitor in treatment-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Twenty-one adult treatment-resistant OCD patients were randomized to 16 weeks of augmentation with either quetiapine (n = 11) or placebo (n = 10). Patients with significant(More)
UNLABELLED The commonest autosomal deletion, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11DS) is a multisystem disorder varying greatly in severity and age of identification between affected individuals. Holistic care is best served by a multidisciplinary team, with an anticipatory approach. Priorities tend to change with age, from feeding difficulties, infections and(More)
PREAMBLE THE membership of the Society of In-terventional Radiology (SIR) Standards of Practice Committee represents experts in a broad spectrum of interven-tional procedures from both the private and academic sectors of medicine. Generally Standards of Practice Committee members dedicate the vast majority of their professional time to performing(More)
We have determined the crystal structure of a phosphatase with a unique substrate binding domain from Thermotoga maritima, TM0651 (gi 4981173), at 2.2 A resolution by selenomethionine single-wavelength anomalous diffraction (SAD) techniques. TM0651 is a member of the haloacid dehalogenase (HAD) superfamily, with sequence homology to trehalose-6-phosphate(More)
We adapted and evaluated the Microsoft Kinect (touchless interface), Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer (gyroscopic mouse), and the Apple iPad (multi-touch tablet) for intra-procedural imaging review efficacy in a simulation using MIM Software DICOM viewers. Using each device, 29 radiologists executed five basic interactions to complete the overall task of(More)
BACKGROUND Previous work has found that people with diabetes do not wear their therapeutic footwear as directed, but the thinking behind this behaviour is unclear. Adherence to therapeutic footwear advice must improve in order to reduce foot ulceration and amputation risk in people with diabetes and neuropathy. Therefore this study aimed to explore the(More)
BACKGROUND Providing health services to an ageing population is challenging, and in rural areas even more so. It is expensive to provide high quality services to small populations who are widely dispersed; staff and patients are often required to travel considerable distances to access services, and the economic downturn has created a climate where delivery(More)
In October 2010 the Constitutional Council of France approved a law banning the burqa and niqab from all public places. Joining the ongoing scholarly discussion on veiling, this study seeks to understand the role the French press played in legitimating the ban, the first of its kind to be implemented in Europe. I argue that discourse in the press made the(More)
New and existing information communication technologies (ICT) are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of health and social care services. eHealth has the potential to supplement in-person home visits for older, rural adults with chronic pain. The Technology to support Older Adults' Personal and Social Interaction project-TOPS-examines(More)
Note that this article is compiled by a layman with no specialized medical training. It is not meant to be used in place of qualified medical or nutritional advice. Because of its general nature the author has not attempted a work with direct citations, instead providing reading lists on individual nutrients for those who wish to follow up on topics. The(More)