Anne C M Kiemeneij

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How does the visuomotor system decide whether a target is moving or stationary in space or whether it moves relative to the eyes or head? A visual flash during a rapid eye-head gaze shift produces a brief visual streak on the retina that could provide information about target motion, when appropriately combined with eye and head self-motion signals. Indeed,(More)
The present paper investigated the role of early and late stages of working-memory maintenance, which have been suggested to differentially contribute to long-term memory formation. In experiment 1, we administered a delayed-match-to-sample task, requiring participants to remember line drawings of non-sense three-dimensional stimuli. In the delay phase,(More)
The beneficial effects of chronic and early pharmacological treatment with ethosuximide on epileptogenesis were studied in a genetic absence epilepsy model comorbid for depression. It was also investigated whether there is a critical treatment period and treatment length. Cortical excitability in the form of electrical evoked potentials, but also to(More)
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