Anne C Hartwig

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General attempts have been made to catalog or categorize research literature on aggressive behavior. In the animal literature this category has been delineated by clearly observed and described patterns of behavior. These include offensive and defensive expressions in animals and the characterization of attack behaviors by typography into defensive and(More)
The discussion of ethics in psychiatry continues to increase. Research in psychiatry, like all medical research, is of ethical concern because it often involves risks to subjects so that others may benefit. It also involves the allocation of monetary and human resources. In recent years these concerns have been brought to the forefront of professional and(More)
Three ethical constructs of distributive justice--utilitarianism, Marxism, and the theories of John Rawls--are applied to selection of patients for treatment with clozapine. Elements of an ethical selection process include a means of monitoring the clinical effectiveness of the drug so that it is not wasted and procedures for ensuring that patients' rights(More)
This article sets forth a multiaxial system for cataloging individuals who manifest destructive behavior toward themselves, others, or property. An initial codification to describe the characteristics of the destructive behavior of the individual is presented, followed by a description of a quaternary axial system which catalogs in a clinically relevant(More)
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