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Low socioeconomic status (SES) is generally associated with high psychiatric morbidity, more disability, and poorer access to health care. Among psychiatric disorders, depression exhibits a more controversial association with SES. The authors carried out a meta-analysis to evaluate the magnitude, shape, and modifiers of such an association. The search found(More)
Indomethacin given orally to conventional rats produced in three days a syndrome, often fatal, of intestinal lesions characterized by multiple ulcers and peritonitis. Male germfree rats were found to be resistant to this effect of indomethacin, while female germfree rats developed very mild lesions. Germfree rats became sensitive again to such lesions when(More)
The celA gene encoding Clostridium thermocellum endoglucanase A was expressed in Vibrio cholerae on its own promoter and used to tag a candidate El Tor biotype cholera vaccine strain. Colonies of the tagged strain could be unequivocally distinguished by overlaying them with CM-cellulose indicator agar and Congo Red staining. Expression of celA did not(More)
Sodium salicylate (SA), contrary to acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, aspirin), was not ulcerogenic in rats. SA was also found to be cytoprotective: it prevented formation of gastric mucosal necrosis produced by either absolute ethanol or 0.6 M HCl, and formation of gastric ulcers produced by acidified ASA. The degree of protection was dose dependent. The(More)
The insulin receptor is an integral protein of the plasma membrane of the cell. It is composed of two subunits: an α subunit, which binds the hormone, and a β subunit which is a tyrosine specific protein kinase capable of undergoing autophosphorylation. These independent subunits are synthesized by way of a higher molecular weight single chain precursor and(More)
L'administration i.p. de digitoxine (0,75 mg) à des rats femelles de 220 g produit en 3 à 4 jours un ulcère duodénal chez 50% des animaux. L'estomac reste intact. Les rats mâles sont presque totalement réfractaires. La digitoxine distent aussi l'estomac par rétention alimentaire. La pathogénie de l'ulcère duodénal par la digitoxine reste inexpliquée.
The recent spread of El Tor cholera to America augments the need for an effective, safe and economical vaccine. In the present paper we describe the construction of live attenuated V. Cholerae strains by specifically deleting the genes encoding cholera toxin and other putative toxins from the bacterial chromosome. To maximize the likelihood of exposing(More)
During the spontaneous differentiation (day 5 to day 15 of the culture) of Caco-2 cells, the sulfation of cell layer glycosaminoglycans increased, whereas protein kinase C activity was concomitantly redistributed from the membrane to the cytosol. The protein kinase C activators, 4β-phorbol 12β-myristate, 13α-acetate and 1,2-dioctanoyl-glycerol inhibited(More)