Anne Brain

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BACKGROUND In Manchester, approximately 120 women at > or = 1:4 lifetime risk of breast cancer have considered preventative surgery since 1992. Women treated within the Manchester protocol receive two genetic counselling sessions, a psychological assessment and a surgical consultation pre-operatively and annual follow-up post-operatively. The vast majority(More)
PURPOSE The uptake of risk-reducing surgery in women at increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer is highly variable between countries and centers within countries. We have investigated the rate, timing, and age of uptake of surgery in the northwest of England to report the results after up to 7 years in a Regional Genetics center. METHODS Uptake was(More)
Musculoskeletal abnormalities of musicians' hands and upper extremities are well-recognized and potentially career-threatening problems. Of the many types of potentiality problematic musculoskeletal disorders that could be assessed, this study focused on joint instability and musculotendinous anomalies. For this study, the hands of 92 music students were(More)
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