Anne Beate Hummel

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The ultimate efficiency of polymer light-emitting diodes is limited by the fraction of charges recombining in the molecular singlet manifold. We address the question of whether this fraction can principally exceed the fundamental limit set down by spin statistics, which requires the possibility of spin changes during exciton formation. Sensitized(More)
The current flowing across a semiconductor superlattice in tilted electric and magnetic fields is known to exhibit resonant enhancement, when Landau states of neighboring wells align at certain ratios of the field strengths. We show that the ultrafast version of this effect, in which coherent electron wave packets are involved, has a profound analogy to the(More)
The coherent Hall effect denotes the transient Hall response of impulsively excited coherent charge-carrier wave packets in a solid. We report the first experimental study of this phenomenon (i) using a semiconductor superlattice in crossed electric and magnetic fields as a model for three-dimensional materials and (ii) employing a contactless(More)
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