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Epithelial cell proliferation has been studied from a topological point of view, in the ascending colon of the mouse. The ascending colon was investigated because it offered the possibility of studying distinct mucosal sites according to whether they are situated on folds or away from the folds. Consequently fold top areas (FTA), fold side areas (FSA), flat(More)
A case of epithelia malignant changes in uterine adenomyosis is reported. The adenocarcinomatous transformation in uterine adenomyosis is rare. It is necessary to identify exactly the lesion to detect several histological tests specially the integrity of endometrium. An initial phase by atypic hyperplasia and the eventual hormonal incidence are considered.
In this work, we studied the changes in human skin collagen occurring in diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis. The original methodology, based on the determination of the amino acids proline, 4-hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine, glycine and alanine, allowed us to reveal in skin a change in collagen in diabetes mellitus but none in liver cirrhosis. This(More)
In this article, the authors survey the evolution of the Pratt & Whitney company's assistance program for their employees. Observing that their employees had problems with alcoholism, the personnel development developed a help program for the alcoholics which in the course of the years has also become a help program to the alcoholic's families. The authors(More)
The triad described by J.A. Carney in 1977 is characterized by the successive or concomitant occurrence of three rare tumours of different origin: gastric leiomyoblastoma, functioning extra-adrenal paraganglioma and pulmonary chondroma. It is found mainly in young female patients with prevalent blood group A and may be incomplete, with only two of the three(More)