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BAliBASE is specifically designed to serve as an evaluation resource to address all the problems encountered when aligning complete sequences. The database contains high quality, manually constructed multiple sequence alignments together with detailed annotations. The alignments are all based on three-dimensional structural superpositions, with the(More)
In vivo experiments in dogs demonstrated angiographically that the subarachnoid injection of blood produced cerebral arterial apasm both immediately after the injection of blood and 2 days later. The sublingual adminstration of nifedipine reversed both the acute and the delayed cerebral arterial spasm. In addition, sublingual administration of nifedipine 20(More)
BACKGROUND A well-characterized dog model of the X-linked collagen disease Alport syndrome (XLAS) was used to study the effect of progressive glomerular disease on megalin-mediated endocytosis. In XLAS, altered structure and function of the glomerular basement membrane induces a progressive proteinuric nephropathy. METHODS The investigation was performed(More)
Melarsomine dihydrochloride is highly effective against both sexes of adult and L5 Dirofilaria immitis. Common adverse reactions include injection site irritation and reluctance to move. Neurologic complications associated with i.m. injection of melarsomine dihydrochloride for treatment of heartworm disease in 3 dogs are described. Different degrees of(More)
Utilizing an atraumatic model to produce chronic hydrocephalus, CSF production was measured during and after development of communicatin hydrocephalus. CSF volume production was significantly lower in animals with increased pressure. Animals with chronic hydrocephalus and normal pressures had abnormal CSF production. Diminished CSF production appears to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation between the half-time of liquid-phase gastric emptying (T50) determined by use of nuclear scintigraphy, using technetiumTc 99m pentetate, and absorption variables of orally administered acetaminophen in horses with experimentally delayed gastric emptying. ANIMALS 6 mature horses. PROCEDURE Delayed gastric emptying(More)
An eight-month-old, 31.2 kg, entire male Golden Retriever was presented for evaluation because it had a four-week history of right hindlimb lameness and audible popping occurring in association with movement of the right hindlimb. Mild right hindlimb lameness was noted upon gait analysis. Moderate to severe effusion and pain on extension were appreciated on(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of femur positioning on radiographic assessment of completeness of excision after femoral head and neck excision (FHNE) in medium to large breed dogs. SAMPLE POPULATION 10 femurs from canine cadavers (body weight > 20 kg). PROCEDURE Complete FHNE was performed on 5 canine femurs. Excision consisting of inadequate(More)
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