Anne Augustin

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The sequence of events leading to the chemical matching of presynaptic neurotransmitters and postsynaptic transmitter receptors is investigated here in vivo for the spinal glycine receptor (GlyR) by using immunocytochemical methods. In the ventral horn of adult rat spinal cord, GlyRs are only present at glycinergic postsynaptic differentiations where they(More)
There is uncertainty over whether vitamin A supplementation reduces morbidity among children with subclinical deficiency of the vitamin. Hence a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of the effect of vitamin A supplementation on childhood morbidity was conducted among 11,124 children aged 6-83 months in the northwest of Haiti. After a random start,(More)
Recent models of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) have indicated that antigens co-expressed in the retina and uvea might be of pathogenetic relevance in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We investigated the clinical spectrum and magnetic resonance imaging of 11 MS patients with concomitant uveitis, and determined the frequency of clinically silent(More)
The biological role of cells bearing the gamma delta T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) is as yet unclear. Although there are indications that some gamma delta+ cells can mediate cytotoxicity, their antigen-related functions have not yet been defined. In the mouse, gamma delta+ cells constitute 1-3% of T cells in lymphoid organs. Intestinal intraepithelial(More)
Traditional approaches for data storage and analysis are facing their limits when handling the enormous data amounts of today's applications. We believe that a radical departure from contemporary architectures of stores is necessary to satisfy that central scalability requirement. One of the most promising new schools of thought in system design are swarm(More)
The T-cell receptor has been studied intensely over the past 10 years in an effort to understand the molecular basis for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) restricted antigen recognition. The use of anti-receptor monoclonal antibodies to isolate and characterize the receptor from human and murine T-cell clones has shown that the protein consists of two(More)
In BALB/c lung and lymph node gamma delta T cells, a large fraction of the expressed V delta 5 genes consist of an invariant sequence, BID (for BALB/c invariant delta). BID results from a direct joining of the V delta 5, D delta 2, and J delta 1 segments, which conserve their complete germline coding sequences. In C57BL/6 (H-2b) mice, where identical and(More)