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The knowledge and the information about Renin Angiotensin System and Arginine-Nitric Oxide pathway helped us in understanding more about cardiac, vascular and renal systems, their function, the physiology, and pathophysiology of different diseases that may affect them. The existence of a Nitric Oxide/Angiotensin II axis, brought modification to our ways of(More)
AIM To investigate whether hepatic progenitor cells (HPC), that reveal the features of oval cells in rodents and small epithelial cells (SEC) in certain human liver disease, were also found in human liver cirrhosis (HLC). METHODS Surgical liver specimens from 20 cases of hepatitis B virus-positive HLC (15 cases containing hepatocellular carcinoma) were(More)
Endoglin (CD105) is a membrane protein involved in the TGF-beta receptor signalling pathway with predominant expression by proliferating endothelial cells. The aim of this study is to analyze the expression of Endoglin in choroidal neovascularization membranes (CNVM) and to compare it to the overall proliferative status of CNVM. Thirty surgically excised(More)
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