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In this paper we present a general parsing strategy that arose from the development of an Earley-type parsing algorithm for TAGs (Schabes and Joshi 1988) and from recent linguistic work in TAGs (Abeille 1988). In our approach elementary structures are associated with their lexical heads. These structures specify extended domains of locality (as compared to(More)
This paper presents the current status of the French treebank developed at Paris 7 (Abeillé et al., 2003a). The corpus comprises 1 million words from the newspaper le Monde, fully annotated and disambiguated for parts of speech, inflectional morphology, compounds and lemmas, and syntactic constituents. It is representative of contemporary normalized written(More)
We show how idioms can be parsed in lexieal-ized TAGs. We rely on extensive studies of frozen phrases pursued at L.A.D.L) that show that idioms are pervasive in natural language and obey, generally speaking, the same morphological and syntactical patterns as 'free' structures. By idiom we mean a structure in which some items are lexically frozen and have a(More)