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In this paper we present a general parsing strategy that arose from the development of an Earley-type parsing algorithm for TAGs (Schabes and Joshi 1988) and from recent linguistic work in TAGs (Abeille 1988). In our approach elementary structures are associated with their lexical heads. These structures specify extended domains of locality (as compared to(More)
This paper presents the current status of the French treebank developed at Paris 7 (Abeillé et al., 2003a). The corpus comprises 1 million words from the newspaper le Monde, fully annotated and disambiguated for parts of speech, inflectional morphology, compounds and lemmas, and syntactic constituents. It is representative of contemporary normalized written(More)
Leaving aside elliptical coordinations, it is striking that no agreement has been reached on the structure of basic coordinate constructions. We propose that:-coordinate constructions are structurally asymmetric : the conjunction makes a subconstituent with one of the conjuncts.-such constituents can have several functions: coordinate daughter, adjunct(More)
This recent publication by CNRS Publications is a reworked version of Abeillé's 1991 doctoral dissertation. It presents, in considerable detail, the tree adjunction grammar (TAG) formalism used, and the details of the French grammar written in that formalism. This book is worthy of notice because of its thoroughness in presenting a complete grammar of(More)
TreeLex is a subcategorization lexicon of French, automatically extracted from a syntactically annotated corpus. The lexicon comprises 2006 verbs (25076 occurrences). The goal of the project is to obtain a list of subcategorization frames of contemporary French verbs and to estimate the number of different verb frames available in French in general. A few(More)
We present a descriptive overview of the uses of the French prepositional formsà and de and the properties of the constructions they appear in. The complexity of the data argues against a unitary syntactic and/or semantic treatment, but the empirical facts can nevertheless be organized in a systematic fashion. Concentrating primarily on de, we show that its(More)