Anne Aamdal Scheie

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Disease caused by antibiotic resistant pathogens is becoming a serious problem, both in human and veterinary medicine. The inhibition of quorum sensing, bacterial cell-to-cell communication, is a promising alternative strategy to control disease. In this study, we determined the quorum sensing-disrupting activity of 20 thiophenones towards the quorum(More)
Interference with bacterial quorum sensing communication provides an anti-virulence strategy to control pathogenic bacteria. Here, using the Enteropathogenic E. coli (EPEC) O103:H2, we showed for the first time that thiophenone TF101 reduced expression of lsrB; the gene encoding the AI-2 receptor. Combined results of transcriptional and phenotypic analyses(More)
A double-blind crossover study on 4 adult volunteers was performed to evaluate the effect of hexetidine on Cu2+ accumulation in dental plaque as well as a possible enhanced effect of copper on inhibition of acid production in the presence of hexetidine. The experimental period was 5 days. No oral hygiene was allowed, and sucrose-containing chewing gum was(More)
AIMS The present aims were firstly to coat metal implant material with a quorum sensing inhibitory thiophenone molecule, and secondly to assess the inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm accumulation on thiophenone-coated coupons. METHOD AND RESULTS Thiophenone- and control-coated metal coupons were prepared by silane hydrolysis and dip(More)
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