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The only currently recommended treatment for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is lifestyle modification. Preliminary studies of silybin showed beneficial effects on liver function. Realsil (RA) comprises the silybin phytosome complex (silybin plus phosphatidylcholine) coformulated with vitamin E. We report on a multicenter, phase III, double-blind(More)
Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a severe liver disease of unknown etiology leading to fibrotic destruction of the bile ducts and ultimately to the need for liver transplantation. We compared 3,789 PSC cases of European ancestry to 25,079 population controls across 130,422 SNPs genotyped using the Immunochip. We identified 12 genome-wide significant(More)
A genome-wide association screen for primary biliary cirrhosis risk alleles was performed in an Italian cohort. The results from the Italian cohort replicated IL12A and IL12RB associations, and a combined meta-analysis using a Canadian dataset identified newly associated loci at SPIB (P = 7.9 x 10(-11), odds ratio (OR) = 1.46), IRF5-TNPO3 (P = 2.8 x(More)
PURPOSE Cytokines may play an important role as inflammatory factors in liver diseases. There is some evidence suggesting a link between adiponectin-biliary function and liver disease. The aim of this study was to clarify the behavior of adipokines in autoimmune hepatitis type 1. METHODS We assessed the circulating levels of adiponectin, tumor necrosis(More)
BACKGROUND Primary biliary cholangitis (formerly called primary biliary cirrhosis) can progress to cirrhosis and death despite ursodiol therapy. Alkaline phosphatase and bilirubin levels correlate with the risk of liver transplantation or death. Obeticholic acid, a farnesoid X receptor agonist, has shown potential benefit in patients with this disease. (More)
There is a paucity of information on extrahepatic autoimmune (EHA) conditions associated with primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and on the impact of EHA conditions on PBC patients' survival. Our goal was to assess the association between PBC and other autoimmune diseases and the impact of EHA conditions on the natural history of PBC. We took advantage of 361(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the efficacy of antiviral therapy in patients with HCV-related compensated cirrhosis are generally drawn from analyzing subgroups in larger trials. AIMS (1) To analyze the safety and efficacy of combination therapy in naive patients with HCV-related cirrhosis; (2) to evaluate the factors influencing the sustained virologic response(More)
It is estimated that approximately 130-170 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV). According to data from WHO community and blood donor surveys, the African and Eastern Mediterranean countries report the highest prevalence rates (>10%). The rates of infection in the general population and the incidence of newly-acquired cases(More)
The reactogenicity and the humoral immune response to three influenza vaccines were evaluated in a randomised, double-blind trial at nursing homes in north-east Italy in winter 1998-1999. Of the 285 subjects, who completed the follow-up, 93 were administered virosomal vaccine, 99 received MF59-adjuvanted vaccine and 93 had split vaccine. Ten subjects (0.3%)(More)
Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a classical autoimmune liver disease for which effective immunomodulatory therapy is lacking. Here we perform meta-analyses of discovery data sets from genome-wide association studies of European subjects (n=2,764 cases and 10,475 controls) followed by validation genotyping in an independent cohort (n=3,716 cases and 4,261(More)