Annarosa Caruso

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The paper proposes two simple new indexes—k and w—to assess a scientist’s publications record based on citations. The two indexes are superior to the widely used h index (Hirsch, 2005), as they preserve all its valuable characteristics and try to overcome one of its shortcomings, i.e. that it uses only a fraction of the information contained in a(More)
We study the firstand second-order regularity properties of the boundary of H-convex sets in the setting of a real vector space endowed with a suitable group structure: our starting point is indeed a step two Carnot group. We prove that, locally, the noncharacteristic part of the boundary has the intrinsic cone property and that it is foliated by intrinsic(More)
We consider a class of monotone variational inequalities in which both the operator and the convex set are parametrized by continuous functions. Under suitable assumptions, we prove the continuity of the solution with respect to the parameter. As an important application, we consider the case of finite dimensional variational inequalities on suitable(More)
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