Annapurna Bose

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To assess the ability of technetium-99m hexamethylpropyleneamineoxime single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging to differentiate distal field hypoperfusion from other stroke mechanisms, 24 patients with acute cerebral ischemia were studied. SPECT scans were read by two physicians according to a preestablished set of criteria for distal(More)
One hundred and forty-one cases of obstructed labour was referred to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital in the last one year. Out of 12,034 total hospital deliveries, incidence of obstructed labour was 1.17% whereas 36 cases (0.29%) accounted for intra-uterine foetal death (IUD). Of the IUD with obstructed labour, 69.4% were delivered by destructive(More)
Primary hypothyroidism is a common clinical condition but ascites caused by hypothyroidism is rare. Concurrent exudative ascites with heart failure even rarer. So its diagnosis is often delayed and patients frequently receive unnecessary procedures such as liver biopsies and exploratory laparotomies. We report a male person of 55 years with hypothyroidism(More)
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  • 1997
Merkel cell tumour is an aggressive neuroendocrine neoplasm arising in the dermis. Although only a few hundred cases have been reported worldwide, nine were seen in Nottingham between 1985 and early 1994. The patients were five women and four men age 63-88. One was the first Afro-Caribbean reported to have such a tumour. In no case was the diagnosis made(More)
Frontal cells are anterior ethmoidal cells that pneumatise frontal sinus outflow tract, obstructing the naso-frontal pathway. Type 3 frontal cell is a single cell that extends well into the frontal sinus upto 50 % of the sinus height in coronal CT Scan. While doing Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) for frontal sinusitis, it gives false impression(More)
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