Annappa Basava

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Latency is an essential factor for measuring effectiveness of realtime applications. An effective realtime system aims at guaranteeing a practical deadline for a task, rather than improving throughput of the system. A subset of these applications includes the ones, which deploy realtime operating systems (RTOS). Linux RTOS has varied applications, few of(More)
Feature selection is the most important preprocessing step for classification of high dimensional data. It reduces the load of computational cost and prediction time on classification algorithm by selecting only the salient features from the data set for learning. The main challenges while applying feature selection on high dimensional data (HDD) are:(More)
Concept drift is the condition when the process changes during the course of execution. Current methods and analysis techniques existing in process mining are not proficient of analyzing the process which has experienced the concept drift. State-of-the-art process mining approaches consider the process as a static entity and assume that process remains same(More)
Recommending an optimal path of execution and a complete process model for a real time partial trace of large and complex organization is a challenge. The proposed AlfyMiner (α y M iner) does this recommendation in cross organization process mining technique by comparing the variants of same process encountered in different organization. α y M iner proposes(More)
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