Annamaria Basile

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OBJECTIVE Ataxia is characterized clinically by four signs (gait and limb ataxia, dysarthria and nystagmus). Although ataxia has been described in posterior circulation (PC) stroke series, there are no prospective studies that have investigated a possible differential role of the cerebellum or its input/outputs in causing ataxia. METHODS Ataxia was(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder complicated by microvascular and macrovascular diseases. The clinical profile of these complications has not been adequately studied in many tertiary health care centers in India. AIM The authors studied the clinical profile of microvascular diabetes complications [peripheral sensory neuropathy(More)
(1998): Myo-Inositol in depressive and healthy subjects determined by frontal 1 H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 1.5 Tesla. (2000): Association studies of candidate genes in bipolar disorder. (2001): Inverse relation between stimulus intensity and seizure duration: implications for ECT procedure. (2005): Combined analysis of 635 patients confirms an(More)
Tran and Baral have proposed an action language (BioSigNet-RR) that is specific for the modeling of signalling networks from Biology and for answering queries relative to the expected response to a stimulus. Translation of their action language to logic programs under Answer Set semantics yields a reasoning mechanisms that gracefully handles(More)
  • Abi-Dargham A See, Krystal Jh See Laruelle, M Abi-Saab, D See D 'souza, Dc See, Krystal Jh +172 others
  • 2000
Decreased density of tyrosine hydroxylase– immunoreactive axons in the entorhinal cortex of schizophrenic subjects, 361 glutamate in the anterior cingulate cortex in depression: an in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study, 305 CA. The serotonin transporter in the midbrain of suicide victims with major depression, 1015 Bolwig TG. soft signs and(More)
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