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The recently discovered giant magnetic anisotropy of single magnetic Co atoms raises the hope of magnetic storage in small clusters. We present a joint experimental and theoretical study of the magnetic anisotropy and the spin dynamics of Fe and Co atoms, dimers, and trimers on Pt(111). Giant anisotropies of individual atoms and clusters as well as(More)
Magnetoelectric coupling allows the magnetic state of a material to be changed by an applied electric field. To date, this phenomenon has mainly been observed in insulating materials such as complex multiferroic oxides. Bulk metallic systems do not exhibit magnetoelectric coupling, because applied electric fields are screened by conduction electrons. We(More)
Using spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy, the local excitation of magnons in Fe and Co has been studied. A large cross section for magnon excitation was found for bulk Fe samples while for thin Co films on Cu(111) the cross section linearly scales with film thickness. Recording inelastic tunneling spectra with Fe coated W tips in a magnetic field,(More)
OBJECTIVE Tremor is the most common movement disorder which is most often either essential or caused by Parkinson's disease. The differentiation of these disorders at the initial stage may be difficult. Objective assessment of the efficacy of tremor medications is only possible by instrumental measurements. The aim of this study was to determine whether the(More)
The electronic structure of the single molecule magnet system {M[Fe(L(1))(2)](3)}4CHCl(3) [M=Fe,Cr;L(1)=CH(3)N(CH(2)CH(2)O)(2) (2-)] has been studied using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray-absorption spectroscopy, soft-x-ray emission spectroscopy, as well as theoretical density-functional-based methods. There is a good agreement between theoretical(More)
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