Annalisa Molini

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[1] Rainfall variability occurs over a wide range of time scales owing to processes initiated by cloud microphysics and sustained by atmospheric circulation. A central topic in rainfall research is to determine whether rainfall variability at a given scale is caused by dynamics acting at some other scales. Random multiplicative cascades (RMCs) are standard(More)
Abstract Directionality in coupling, defined as the linkage relating causes to their effects at a later time, can be used to explain the core dynamics of ecological systems by untangling direct and feedback relationships between the different components of the systems. Inferring causality from measured ecological variables sampled through time remains a(More)
Many environmental time-evolving spatial phenomena are characterized by a large number of energetic modes, the occurrence of irregularities, and self-organization over a wide range of space or time scales. Precipitation is a classical example characterized by both strong intermittency and multiscale dynamics, and these features generate persistence,(More)
We analyze how extreme rainfall intensities in the Eastern United States depend on temperature T, dew point temperature Td, and convective available potential energy CAPE, in addition to geographic sub-region, season, and averaging duration. When using data for the entire year, rainfall intensity has a quasi Clausius-Clapeyron (CC) dependence on T, with(More)
[1] The cross‐scale probabilistic structure of rainfall intensity records collected over time scales ranging from hours to decades at sites dominated by both convective and frontal systems is investigated. Across these sites, intermittency build‐up from slow to fast time‐scales is analyzed in terms of heavy tailed and asymmetric signatures in the scale‐wise(More)
Wettability has been recognized to play a fundamental role in the efficacy of water flooding processes of carbonate oil and gas reservoirs. However, the theoretical mechanism governing this process is still not entirely understood. This can be partly attributed to the absence of ad hoc tools and standardized sample-preparation methodologies for(More)
[1] Clustering and intermittency in atmospheric turbulent flows above different natural surfaces are investigated with reference to their dependency on surface roughness and thermal stratification. The dualism between active and quiescent phases within measured time series is isolated by using the telegraphic approximation (TA), which is able to eliminate(More)
The Middle East is one of the most water stressed regions in the world, receiving the majority of its hydrological input during the winter, in the form of highly variable and scattered precipitation. The persistence of wintertime anticyclonic conditions over the region can deflect storm tracks and result in extended spells of exceptionally hot weather,(More)
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