Annalisa Cappello

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Keywords: Sensitivity analysis MAGFLOW model Forecasting Hazard Lava flow simulation Polynomial chaos Sobol' indices ANOVA 2010 MSC: 49Q12 90C31 93B35 a b s t r a c t MAGFLOW is a physics-based numerical model for lava flow simulations based on the Cellular Automaton approach that has been successfully used to predict the lava flow paths during the recent(More)
Improving lava flow hazard assessment is one of the most important and challenging fields of volcanology, and has an immediate and practical impact on society. Here, we present a methodology for the quantitative assessment of lava flow hazards based on a combination of field data, numerical simulations and probability analyses. With the extensive data(More)
BACKGROUND Ketogenic enteral nutrition (KEN) is a modification of the protein sparing modified fast in which a protein solution is introduced with a continuous infusion through a nasogastric tube over 10-days cycles. The aim of the study was to perform a retrospective analysis of the safety, compliance, weight loss and body composition changes after 3(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Only protein diet has been used successfully to prevent loss of lean body mass first in post-surgical and then in obese patients. We studied overweight and obese patients receiving short treatments of an exclusively protein-based nutritional solution as 24-hour enteral infusion. METHODS 19,036 patients (age 44.3 ± 13, M:F = 2:5)(More)
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