Annalisa Candelori

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In the protozoan ciliate Euplotes, a transduction pathway resulting in a mitogenic cell growth response is activated by autocrine receptor binding of cell type-specific, water-borne signaling protein pheromones. In Euplotes raikovi, a marine species of temperate waters, this transduction pathway was previously shown to involve the phosphorylation of a(More)
Deleterious phenomena of protein oxidation affect every aerobic organism and methionine residues are their elective targets. The reduction of methionine sulfoxides back to methionines is catalyzed by methionine-sulfoxide reductases (Msrs), enzymes which are particularly active in microorganisms because of their unique nature of individual cells directly(More)
The systemic vasculitis are characterised by an inflammatory process of the blood vessel walls. These may affect any of the vessels and organs, resulting in a diverse range of signs and symptoms. These polymorphic clinical manifestations, combined with the non-specific aetiology of the histological lesions, render the diagnosis for any single form of(More)
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