Annaliese E. Thuijs

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The title coordination polymer, [Ni(C7H3NO4)(C4H4N2)(C2H6OS)] n , consists of [010] chains composed of Ni(II) ions linked by bis-monodentate-bridging pyrazine mol-ecules. Each of the two crystallographically distinct Ni(II) ions is located on a mirror plane and is additionally coordinated by a dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) ligand through the oxygen atom and by(More)
The central structural motif of the title coordination polymer, [Co(NO3)2(C4H4N2)(CH3CN)2(H2O)2] n , is a chain composed of Co(II) ions linked by bis-monodentate bridging pyrazine ligands through their N atoms. The Co(II) ion is located on an inversion center and is additionally coordinated by two O atoms of water mol-ecules and two N atoms of aceto-nitrile(More)
The structure of the title compound, [N(C2H5)4]2[Co2(C2N3)5(H2O)4](C2N3), is a new example of a metal-dicyanamide coordination polymer which exhibits a unique three-dimensional framework of covalently linked CoII chains. All bridging dicyanamide ligands in the title structure are in the μ1,5-bridging mode. The anionic CoII-dicyanamide network is templated(More)
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